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The Hijabi Stylist

Deluxe Floral Pleated Skirt

Deluxe Floral Pleated Skirt

handpoured with pyaar

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Everyone knows it, Every girl needs a floral outfit to suit New Zealands unpredicted weather. Whether its spontaneously heading to the beach or chilling with your girl-friends, our Deluxe Floral Pleated Skirts gives you the perfect look for any day-time occasion. 

Style it with a simple top and a pair of neutral heels or sandals.

Care information

candles: do not leave burning unattended, always trim wick before use.

diffuser: turn diffuser sticks weekly to disperse scent

roomspray: shake before use. when the quantity is midway it can be refilled once with distilled water

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Our Room Sprays were released after many requests by our Masala family on Instagram and we sold out of all of the scents within the first week at Sylvia Park!

With a powerful scent throw that can cover even the most masalay-dar of cooking, they were bound to be a hit!

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