Motivation For The New Year

Motivation For The New Year

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The Motivation Range is now available in 30 ml diffusers and rebranded to end 2020.

Each scent has a message, just for you. A message to help bring himmat, sukoon and khushi at the end of this turbulent year!

Our Motivation Range is  based in aromatherapy, fused with fragrances that help adjust mood balance in a room to increase..
⭐️ Sukoon - Peace, a mix of Lavender Lime and Ebony for calming vibes in a hectic routine🌿
⭐️ Himmat - Strength, Use the strong mix of Lemongrass and Ginger to re-energise yourself for a long day 🙌🏼
⭐️ Khushi - Happiness, create an uplifting and cheery atmosphere with the citrus scent of orange and cinnamon 💫💫

Diffusers last up to 1 month and require 3 reed sticks.

Masala Mini candles are 50 g and burn for up to 20 hours.