Totka - A Home Remedy
Totka - A Home Remedy

Totka - A Home Remedy

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What do our Desi mother’s always have? Life hacks!🙌🏽

Whether it’s eating badaams to help with exams, the classic vick’s rubs for any type of cold ever or the classic use of haldi to cure everything and anything on our skin. 🥰

There isn’t anything quite like the love behind a home remedy, or a ‘totka.' The scent that will take you right back to the days Maa spent curing you with all her little totkas while you couldn't sleep at night. Bring that feeling to your bedside table when you need it the most 💛

A blend of essential oils that help clear sinus and would make Maa proud 🙌🏽 while leaving a refreshing scent at the same time. With winter in full swing and the sniffles catching up to us ... we made this candle with pyaar, from our home to yours. 🦋

The totka blend includes: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Methyl Sylicate, Rosemary, Mentha, Wintergreen. 

This blend is made to be inhaled, burning the candle will allow for the oils to be diffused in the air and assist in clearing a stuffy nose! 

🌸Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Mentha: These work together as the menthol component for the calming effect needed in sinus relief. 

🌸Lavender: Assists in reducing internal swelling and calms the anxiety that comes with sinus. 

🌸Juniper Berry: Used for its anti-bacterial properties that assists in fighting bronchitis and respiratory illnesses. 

🌸Rosemary and Wintergreen: These have anti-inflammatory properties - essential for pain and inflammation relief. 

🌸Methyl Sylicate: Treats joint pains as well! Including this in the blend assists the pain that comes with a cold. 

This gorgeous 50 gram candle burns up to 20 hours and is the perfect little remedy to last you winter!