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Masala Scents

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

handpoured with pyaar

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In 1631 a grief striken shah jahan mourning the loss of his love mumtaz mahal started building a token of his love for her. It took twenty two years.

With Jasper of Punjab, White Marble of Makrana,

Turquoise of Tibet, Lapis Lazuli of Afghanistan,

Crystal and Jade of China, Sapphire of Sri Lanka,

Carnelian of Arabia

The finest of Mughal architecture

Inspired by this our Taj Mahal is made with the finest marble powder and a romantic blend of white rose and sandalwood.

This concrete candle is entirely handmade by us, each label is crafted to recreate the outline of the beautiful jharokas, the staple in south asian architecture. These candles tell the story of our karigari inspired by the talents of our ancestors. 

Once you have finished burning your candle we encourage you to share how you're using your candle in its new life, share with us on #masalacreativity to get 20% off your next purchase.

Pre Orders:

Pre-order sales are closed for November and will ship between 22 to 29 November

March Pre-Orders are now open and will ship between 15 to 30 March 2022

Please note:

The candle may have efflorescence when it reaches you or it may develop over time. This can be treated with vinegar and water. This is a natural occurrence in concrete due to changing climate and storage conditions and will not qualify for an exchange or refund. 

Do not burn your candle for longer than 2-3 hours at a time. You may risk cracking your jar. If you burn longer than 3 hours accidentally, take a damp cloth and carefully wet the jar but avoid the label or it may get damaged.

Burn your candle edge to edge on the first burn to ensure you get the optimal burn and no tunnelling. Tunnelling of the candle will not qualify for a refund or exchange please burn properly. 


Images of the Taj Mahal are not our own and the original owners are linked to the image.

Care information

candles: do not leave burning unattended, always trim wick before use.

diffuser: turn diffuser sticks weekly to disperse scent

roomspray: shake before use. when the quantity is midway it can be refilled once with distilled water

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