Collection: Karigari by Masala

Welcome to a new chapter for Masala Scents.
Inspired by the architectural talents, wit and world renown talents of our south asian ancestors, we set out to build something.
Something we can share with all of you.
An entirely handmade concrete candle.
Each one carefully crafted by us as a tribute to architectural landmarks built in an age long gone. The scents are carefully selected to tell the story of what life would have been like in these marvellous buildings. 
Inspirations as old as Amer Fort dating back to 967 AC to the more recent end of the 17th century construction Hawa Mahal.
But, these candles tell the story of not only the buildings they were inspired by but a journey we went on to make them.
Trials, errors, success and joy - the process of making something entirely true to us.
Some will be perfect, some will have slight chips, some may have white efflorescence but that is the beauty of it.
The rustic imperfections inspired by the history we all share.
Each one of these candles is made from scratch, by us.
We hope you enjoy our karigari.
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